Learning how to make one taper candle on a fourth grade field trip to Amish country unlocked a lifelong passion.

After that field trip I begged my mother to take me to the library so I could fill my curious mind on how to make candles. From there over the years I experimented with different waxes, wicks, and fragrances until I mastered my craft. Once I perfected my technique my personal hobby turned into a gift giving tradition. I gifted it to friends and family who loved my candles so much that they started to tell other people about me and my candles.

With my entrepreneurial spirit, love of crafting, and being a little overwhelmed with requests to make my candles, that's when the ideal for Artisan Embers was formed.

 Artisan Embers is a hand crafted home fragrance company founded in Cleveland, Ohio. We specialize in candles, Incense, room sprays, and more. We hand prepare our products one by one to ensure the most exquisite quality control. All of our products are made from mostly the best local sourced ingredients. Our fragrance catalog is always growing and changing with the  seasons.
- Trisha